Conscious use of natural resources, and sustainability is of paramount importance for Prospektus Press. As a business operator, we understand that we have a particular responsibility to conserve the environment and to have the smallest possible ecological footprint. We believe that only this future-oriented approach can ensure the preservation of the resources for future generations. Protection of the environment being our priority, throughout our manufacturing processes this philosophy plays a central role. In connection with this, of course, our printing house also operates an audited MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 environmental management system.

Our efforts to protect the environment:

  • Selective waste collection,
  • Electric energy management,
  • Application of "Green" materials and technologies in the production,
  • Environmentally focused training of the employees,

Our company is a member of Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers. You can find more information about the federation’s campaign on environmental protection at http://www.fedprint.hu/.

Information about current events of the international collaboration called TWOSIDES can be found at this site: http://www.twosides.info/.

If you have any questions about our activities regarding environmental protection, contact: Gábor Tóth (+36 30/927-8317)