Surface finishing

• Metallized foils

Its high level of innovation enables Prospektus Press to serve its clientèle based on technologies that can fulfill even the most unique requirements. One such technology is UV printing, that was first introduced in Hungary by Prospektus Press. This technology is represented by our Heidelberg CD-74 printing machine, where UV light illuminates the medium used, causing a chain reaction in the paint by which the paint gets instantaneously polymerised. As a result, this machine is suitable for printing on any plastic based and metallized media.

Metallized foilis a silvery colour foil depressed into a paper-based medium. By printing on this, a really unique, metallic effect of the graphics can be achieved. The resulting surface is waterproof.

Combining opaque white and colour printing of metallized surfaces with effect varnishing provides an endless variation of the surfaces’ appearance. This can be further enhanced by hot debossing and blind embossing options.

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