• PUR adhesive binding

Prospektus Press has more than 20 years of experience in producing a wide range of saddle stitched and glue bound magazines. Our company manufactures a variety of domestic and international publishing companies’ quality magazines every month. The individual products are always printed on the most suitable and most economical machine for the job, taking into account the number of copies, size and the number of colours.

The vast majority of magazines are produced on our A0 format printer, which is unique in Hungary both in its format and effectiveness!

In this product range high quality is of utmost importance, that is why, uniquely in our country, we print in photo quality, at twice the resolution other printing houses use. Our production is carried out under strict in-process quality control, which ensures constant high quality. For the cover of the product we offer a number of surface treatment solutions:glossy or matte foil, UVandeffect varnishingor even embossing. From 2 mm spine width, magazines are bound using PUR technology, which technology was first introduced in Hungary by Prospektus Press. The advantage of PUR adhesive binding is its manyfold bond strength compared to the traditional hot-melttechnology offered elsewhere. In addition, rigidity of the book’s body is not affected by ambient temperature. A stable and strong backbone will result in a beautiful opening of the product. Our machines’ capabilities enable us to create even A3 size (297 mm x 420 mm) products.

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