• Z-folded leaflet (leporello)

Prospektus Press has more than 25 years of experience in producing a wide range of Z-folded brochures and leaflets.It is not by chance that the company was named after this product, because back in 1986 the company introduced itself to the printing market by designing and implementing this product range. Our printing is always performed on the most suitable and most economical machine for the certain type of product, taking into account the number of copies, size and the number of colours.

The key factor in assessing the quality of brochures is the perfectness of picture quality, which our press can achieve by using 100 v/cmphoto-quality resolution. This is double the resolution offered by other printing companies. For the exceptional appearance a wide range of surface treatment (effect varnishing, debossing, etc.) is offered as well. These leaflets are folded using all available folding modes. We stand at our clients’ disposal, be it accordion or altar folded products they need.

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