We believe that only the state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained professional team can provide the flexibility and security you need to prepare your product for printing. We have designed our digital artwork preparation procedures and processes to meet the highest professional standards. As a result of our decades of experience, your printed product will always truly be at the end of the production process, what you dreamed.

We offer you this:

Preparation of a colour matching proof

This is a print produced by a regularly calibrated digital printer, which is handled as a colour standard during the offset printing process, and we can match the colour of this digital print during the offset printing process within the tolerance of printing standard.


Photo quality resolution, 250 lpi (100 l/cm) 

In line with the resolution of digital displays, the higher resolution provides us the best appearance in the printing, as well. The average printing screen is 70 lines / cm, which means 70 x 70 = 4.900 dots per square cm. Our printing house works with a unique resolution of 100 lines / cm, which means, we normally use 100 x 100 = 10.000 dots per square cm. This results more than double comprehensive printing and better print quality.


Pdf files online receiving and checking

We can receive the print-ready files in all available ways, which are then subjected of a detailed Pdf inspection for the best results. During the inspection, we examine the resolution, the fonts, and colours of the content. If we experience non-compliance, we notify our customer.


Possibility of remote approval via the web

For the convenience of our customers, we provide the possibility to fully manage the graphical files through an interactive user-friendly interface. The use of the interface is absolutely secure, which can be accessible with personal password.


Colour management, ink optimization

All devices used in our production are regularly calibrated, which is the key to the consistent high quality. Therefore, you can be sure that you will always receive the highest quality as a result of your order.


Paper-based proof for approval

It is a part of our production technology, that the complete approved graphic data is digitally printed and inspected prior to offset printing. At this stage of production, it is still possible to correct mistakes free of charge. If it is requested by our customers, the digitally printed version will also be handed over to them.


Box construction planning

In case of individual demands of our customers, we cooperate in the design, dimensioning and modelling of cardboard boxes.


Customer-friendly support in professional topics, consulting

Our highly qualified colleagues are at your disposal in all professional matters.