Conscious use of natural resources, and sustainability is of paramount importance for Prospektus Press. As a business operator, we understand that we have a particular responsibility to conserve the environment and to have the smallest possible ecological footprint. We believe that only this future-oriented approach can ensure the preservation of the resources for future generations. Protection of the environment being our priority, throughout our manufacturing processes this philosophy plays a central role. In connection with this, of course, our printing house also operates an audited MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 environmental management system.

Our efforts to protect the environment:

Selective waste collection,

Electric energy management,

Application of “Green” materials and technologies in the production,

Environmentally focused training of the employees,

Our company is a member of Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers. You can find more information about the federation’s campaign on environmental protection at http://www.fedprint.hu/.

Information about current events of the international collaboration called TWOSIDES can be found at this site: http://www.twosides.info/.

If you have any questions about our activities regarding environmental protection, contact: Gábor Tóth (+36 30/927-8317)

It takes tremendous energy to operate the world’s Internet network and display the websites behind it. We recognized the need for positive action, so we offset our website’s emissions by supporting projects that realize emissions reductions. With this, our website operation is neutral and its environmental impact is neutral. With this, we have taken a significant step towards sustainability.

Our company takes the challenges of global warming seriously. To this end, we calculated the carbon footprint of our website and, in return, supported a project where this emission was reduced. So our website became carbon neutral. We hope to set an example and lead our partners and competitors as well. We also provide carbon neutral printing to our customers.