UV varnishing

UV varnishing

UV varnishing is one of the most popular surface treatment procedure, and Prospektus Press has more than 15 years of experienceusing it. The lighting effect of UV varnishing is far superior compare to other lacquering methods. After the drying of lacquer, we get a very hard, bright and abrasion resistant

UV varnishing ensures the lighting effect similar to foiling, but unlike that, it is a 100 percent environmental friendly solution.

We are also able to apply a glossy and matt lacquer (with an orange peel effect) in one run, which provides a special experience, perfect for highlighting images, graphics or achieving special effects. This is an essential way to improve the surface of exclusive publications. The advantage of single-run printing is perfect register accuracy and the possibility of varnishing thin lines, as well.

Varnishing with normal offset printing units

By applying glossy and matt varnishes, full surface or partial, we can provide unique effects on the surface of the media at low costs. These varnishes are applied in standard offset printing units.

Dispersion varnishing

Dispersion varnishes are able to protect the printed surface, dry quickly, cost-effective solutions and suitable for single-sided and double-sided lacquering. Resistant to scratches and damage with good moisture resistance features.