Prepress information

For preparing a publication the most important aspect is to use professional softwares created primarily for this purpose. The following softwares are completely inappropriate for desktop publishing purposes. MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher), OpenOffice and other office packages. Materials prepared in these softwares need reprocessing.
Photographs and other picture formats:
Adobe Photoshop
Vector based objects:
Adobe Illustrator, optionally CorelDraw
Page-setting, layout editing:
Adobe InDesign
For checking PDF files:
Adobe Acrobat Professional
In any other cases, please let the printing office know about the method in which the material was prepared. If you use our printing services for the first time, please contact use before the preparation of the material so that we can create a product as professional as possible. You are kindly required to check the PDF files or to have them checked before sending them to the print-ing office. You can save time and energy by sending the PDF files to the printing office in an appropriate manner.