In order to implement what you envisioned, our company offers full range of bindery operation services. We know that every print project is a result of careful and lengthy preparation, and accordingly, we perform it with the same diligence and thoroughness.
The parameters and the capacity of our binding machines are in line with our sheet-fed printing machines and our customers’ needs.

What we offer you:

Production of stapled (up to Ω-staple) products

It means binding of publications, which have less number of pages, using wire clips. If it is required, we can also use a staple that can be attached to a folder (so-called Omega staple).


Production of PUR adhesive bound products

A binding method with outstanding tear strength, already available from a product thickness of 2 mm, in which the individual pages of the book are joined together with an adhesive that reacts with the air humidity on the side of the spine.


Manufacture of folded products

It means the folding of paper sheets. Beside the standard folding solutions, it can be an altar, a leaflet or even a cross fold.


Application of different films

Surface finishing method in which glossy, matt, scratch-resistant matt or Soft Touch films are applied to the surface. The films also protect the surface against mechanical damage.



Binding solution for fast and easy fastening of sheets together. Used primarily for calendars.


Manual binding operations

We can undertake with significant experience to perform individual, special manual binding operations.



The preparation of finished goods for transport, which can be in a collection box, shrink-wrapped, on a pallet, stretch-wrapped, strapped.