Anyone can buy printing machines but much fewer people can print effectively and in high quality with them. We are proud, that our production technology is based on more than three decades of know-how, so you can always be sure to receive the best available quality from us.
Our sheet-fed machines have all been selected to contribute to our core values, which are QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY, EFFICIENCY and CUSTOMER FOCUS.

What we offer you:

Application of spot colours

The colours, which cannot be printed with the traditional basic printing colours (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) are printed with a so-called spot colour.


Up to eight-colour printing

In addition to the four basic printing colours (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow), we offer the option to print four more colours in one run (4+4 colours in B/1 format, 4+4 colours + 1 lacquer in B/2 format).


Print inspection

We make 100 percent colour and print quality control regularly, during the printing process with our Heidelberg Image Control device, which is currently the most advanced sheet-fed offset print inspection system in the world.


UV and effect varnishing

With our special printing machines, we are able to apply glossy and matt varnishes at the same time, which create a unique effect. In order to learn about the potential of this technology, ask our colleagues who are ready to provide more information.


Application of orange peel effect

A special effect, similar to the surface of an orange, caused by the interaction of varnishes with different chemical properties.


Application of plastic-based media

If required, we are able to print plastic substrates, e.g. PVC, PE, PP.


Printing of metallized surfaces

In this case, the printing is done on a metallized, metallic-looking surface, which results a completely unique and special-looking, metallically shiny product.


Hot foil stamping

Shiny, metallic surface can be achieved with this method. During hot foil stamping, we press the substrate on the desired surface with a metal cliché using heat and pressure release coloured foil.



It is technically the same as foil stamping, but we do not use foil here.