Why Prospektus Printing House?

One of the largest sheetfed offset printing capacity in Hungary
Hungarian family owned company since 1986, 4 family members work for the printing house
60 employees, flexible organization, with the efficiency typical for large companies
Photo quality printing with 100 l / cm screening (on art paper)
100 percent colour and print quality control regularly, during the printing process with Heidelberg Image Control device, which is currently the most advanced sheet-fed offset print inspection system in the world
The most efficient, state-of-the-art brand new 4 + 4 sheetfed offset presses in B/1 and B/2 formats
Efficient production technology even in small print runs
10 years of continuously growing exports, with export turnover ratio above 50 percent (in German, English languages)
Implementation of special customer needs
Printing of plastics and metallized surfaces is also possible. UV varnishing, effect varnishing, hot foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting, in-house foiling
More than 15 years of UV printing and varnishing experience in B/2 size
100 tons of paper stock continuously, allowing quick delivery deadlines


where quality printing starts

We believe that only the state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained professional team can provide the flexibility and security you need to prepare your product for printing. We have designed our digital artwork preparation procedures and processes to meet the highest professional standards. As a result of our decades of experience, your printed product will always truly be at the end of the production process, what you dreamed.


guarantee for quality and efficiency

Anyone can buy printing machines but much fewer people can print effectively and in high quality with them. We are proud, that our production technology is based on more than three decades of know-how, so you can always be sure to receive the best available quality from us.

Our sheet-fed machines have all been selected to contribute to our core values, which are QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY, EFFICIENCY and CUSTOMER FOCUS.


where the imagination comes true

In order to implement what you envisioned, our company offers full range of bindery operation services. We know that every print project is a result of careful and lengthy preparation, and accordingly, we perform it with the same diligence and thoroughness.

The parameters and the capacity of our binding machines are in line with our sheet-fed printing machines and our customers’ needs.